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Iconography Etc. Patron List (22 Jan 2016)

As was done with the St. Thomas Chapel at All-Saints Camp (UOC-USA), the list of donors and the people being memorialized and honored will be kept in two books; one in the narthex for public perusal and the other in the altar for commemoration at the Divine Liturgy (proskomedia).  If you are interested in reserving an icon in honor or memory of a person, family, etc., contact Fr. Borislav at!  While there is no set minimum or maximum to sponsor an icon, there is a suggestion donation of at least $1000 for the full-length icons and $500 for the medium-sized ones, and $250 for the smaller ones.

Altar Icons (large icons)                                                                                                                         

  • The Virgin Platytera w/ angels (high in the arch – large) (Reserved)
  • Christ and the Communion of the Apostles (large) (Reserved)
  • Nativity Icon (table of sacrifice – large) (Reserved)
  • Lettering & Tablecloth (large)

Arch over altar: Ecumenical Teachers (medium icons) 

  • Basil the Great (Reserved)
  • Gregory the Theologian (Reserved)
  • John Chrysostom (Reserved)
  • Michael of Kyiv
  • Illarion of Kyiv
  • Petro Mohila of Kyiv (Reserved)
  • Icon Not Made-By-Hands (top of arch) (Reserved)

East Walls on Each Side of Altar (left and right high) (large icons): 

  • Annunciation – The Birth-giver of God (Reserved)
  • Annunciation – Archangel Gabriel (Reserved)
  • Lettering over arch

Iconostasis (sizes vary, see below) 

  • Over Holy Doors – Last Supper: done
  • Holy Doors (small icons):
    • Apostle and Evangelist Matthew (Reserved)
    • Apostle and Evangelist Mark (Reserved)
    • Apostle and Evangelist Luke (Reserved)
    • Apostle and Evangelist John (Reserved)
    • Annunciation, Birth-giver of God (Reserved)
    • Archangel Gabriel (Reserved)
  • Iconostasis (medium icons):
    • Birth-giver of God w/ Christ (Reserved)
    • Jesus Christ (Reserved)
  • Deacon Doors (medium icons):
    • Protomartyr Deacon Stephen (Reserved)
    • Deaconess Olympia (Reserved)

Side “Altars” (medium icons)

  • Saint Nicholas (far left wall) (Reserved)
  • Archangel Michael: (far right wall) (Reserved)

Top Level: Prophets/Old Testament Saints (includes decorative work)
(small icons). 

  • Adam (front)
  • Eve (front) 
  • Enoch (Reserved)
  • Noah
  • Melchizedek
  • Job
  • Abraham
  • Isaac
  • Israel
  • Joseph
  • Sarah (Reserved)
  • Rachel
  • Deborah (Reserved)
  • Rebekah
  • Moses
  • Aaron (Reserved)
  • Joshua
  • Gideon
  • Ruth (Reserved)
  • Hannah
  • Samuel
  • David (Reserved)
  • Daniel
  • Elijah
  • Ezekiel
  • Eliazar 

Very Front of South Wall (large icons) 

  • Olha (Reserved)
  • Volodymyr

Very Front of North Wall (large icons) 

  • Helen (Reserved)
  • Constantine

Front of South Wall: Evangelists/Equals to the Apostles (large icons) 

  • Mary Magdeline
  • Photini
  • Thekla (Reserved)
  • Nina of Georgia
  • Patrick
  • Cyril
  • Methodius

Front of North Wall: Monastics/Great Ascetics (large icons) 

  • Mary of Egypt (Reserved)
  • Anthony the Great (Reserved)
  • Theodosia of Constantinople
  • Anthony of the Caves
  • Theodosius of the Caves
  • Job of Pochaiv
  • Juliana of Olshansk

Middle of South Wall (large icons): 

  • Transfiguration
  • Gregory Palamas
  • John of Damascus (Reserved)

Middle of North Wall (large icons): 

  • Theophany (Reserved)
  • Cosmos the Hymnographer
  • Prophet David

Back of South Wall: Families (large icons) 

  • Sts Sophia w/ children: Faith, Hope and Love (Reserved)
  • Joachim & Anna (Reserved)
  • Elizabeth & Zachariah
  • Basil the Elder and Emelia (parents of Sts. Gregory and Basil)
  • Boris & Hlib (brother passion bearers; first canonized saints of Rus’-Ukraine; sons of St. Volodymyr)

Back of North Wall: Martyrs (large icons)

  • Demetrius (Reserved)
  • George
  • Katherine (Reserved)
  • Christina of Tyre
  • Irene (Reserved)
  • Volodymyr, Metropolitan of Kyiv and Halich (first martyr of Soviet Communism)
  • Rachel and her children (symbolic of Holodomor and other genocides)

Back Wall (from South to North) (large icons) 

  • Great Commission
  • Ascension
  • Dormition of the Mother of God (over doors)
  • Pentecost
  • Baptism of Rus-Ukraine (Reserved)

Ceiling (large icons): 

  • East – Hospitality of Abraham (aka Old Testament Trinity) (Reserved)
  • Center – Pantocrator w/angels and evangelists (Reserved)
  • West – Synaxis of Archangels (Reserved)

Additional Decoration (large icons): 

  • Lettering on Light Cove (Psalm 81/82)
  • Tablecloth


  • Three Holy Children (Reserved)
  • Protection of the Mother of God (Pokrova) (Reserved)
  • Jesus Christ on analoy (Reserved)
  • Theotokos on analoy (Reserved)
  • Icon of Passion for cross (Reserved)

STAINED GLASS (large icons donations)

  • + Metropolitan John in server room
  • + Departed priests of St. Michael’s (Reserved)
  • + Victims of the Soviet Yoke


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