History: The Priests of St. Michael’s parish

St. Michael UOC separated from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in 1926, was incorporated as “St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church” in 1928, and official joined the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (the UAOC, a predecessor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA) in 1929.  However, we date our affiliation with the UOC-USA/UAOC from 1926 as that is when its priests began to serve the parish.

Note: the year listed is when the priest was assigned/attached to the parish.


+ Rev. Maxim Maruschak, 1926

+ Rev. Joseph Yaletchko, 1927

+ V. Rev. Volodymyr Kaskiw, 1928

+ Rev. Demetro Leschishin, 1938

+ V. Rev. Peter Bilon, 1944

+ Rev. Anthony Beryk, 1948 

+ Rev. Demetrius Sawka, 1949

+ Rev. Stephen Hallick, 1950 

+ Rev. Stephen Bilak (note: became a UOC-KP bishop in 2002), 1956

+ Rev. Michael Mostensky, 1958

     Rev. George Krasevich, 1965 (serving in UOCC; DOI 03182015)

+ V. Rev. Vitaly Kowalenko, 1967

     Rev. Myron Oryhon, 1979 (serving in St. Mary UOC, Allentown PA; DOI 09142015)

     Rev. Mykola Krywonos, 1988 (not currently assigned)

+ Rev. William Wojciechowski, 1990

     Rev. Taras Naumenko, 1996 (serving at St. Vladimir UOC, Philadelphia, PA; DOI 09142015)

     Archimandrite Jacob Peruta, 1996 (left the UOC-USA, NFI)

     V. Rev. John Harvey, 2002 (serving at Sts. Peter and Paul UOC, Youngstown, OH; DOI 09142015)

     V. Rev. Anthony Perkins, 2007 (St. Sophia Seminary; DOI 09142015) 

     Rev. Borislav Kroner, 2015 – present


     Rev. Dn. Paul Cherkas, 2013 – present

     Hierodeacon Vasyl (Janick), 2014 – present

     Rev. Dn.  Michael Abrahamson, 2015 – present


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