V. Rev. Anthony Perkins

FrAnthonyPerkinsFr. Anthony Perkins served at St. Michael’s from 2007-2015.  It was his first assignment after being ordained to the priesthood.  He prepared for his vocation through 20 years in the Army Reserve, and almost that many as a professional student/academic and researcher.  He loved teaching and continued doing so at the parish and at St. Sophia Seminary.   He was active in the UOC-USA, serving as Vocations Director, Associate Academic Dean of the Seminary, Spiritual Advisor for the Jr. UOL National Executive Board, and a member of the Metropolitan Council and Consistory.  

Fr. Anthony’s loved all the people at St. Michael’s and his time in Woonsocket, as did his wife, Pani Matka Tina Marie, and their children.  He was rector when fire destroyed much of the temple and helped guide the parish through the many temptations that came during the rebuilding process.  He left to take an assignment closer to the seminary and family.

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