Q&A w/ Fr. Anthony

 These are taken from our weekly bulletin and the Orthoanalytika podcast; if you have questions you would like answered, e-mail Fr. Anthony at father.anthony@yahoo.com .  They are a mix of explanations of local practices and basic Orthodox theology.  They provide a little bit of insight into this parish, our pastor, and our faith.

To see the answer, just click on the question and it will drop down into view.

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[wptab name=’Divine Liturgy’][faq faq_topic=”divine liturgy”][/wptab]

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[wptab name=’Death & Dying’][faq faq_topic=”death dying”][/wptab]

[wptab name=’Orthodox Etiquette & Local Practices’][faq faq_topic=”orthodox etiquette local practices”][/wptab]

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