Our Previous Iconography

For several decades, we have been blessed with traditional iconography on our ceilings, walls, and iconostasis. Prior to the fire, saints, our walls included six sets of saints, murals of the Theophany and of the Baptism of Rus’-Ukraine. At the far east, directly below Christ enthroned and facing the altar table, was a beautiful icon of the “Hospitality of Abraham”.

A moving icon of the Nativity surrounded the Table/Alcove of Preparation in the altar. Each of these element will be redone – albeit often in different places and forms – augmented, and integrated within the new iconographic scheme.

Our original stained glass included traditional Christian themes and, above the choir loft, a fabulous Trizub/Trident/Trinity. With the exception of three of the windows in the altar vestries, all of the stained glass windows made it through the fire and have been cleaned and, when necessary, restored. The three destroyed windows are being recreated in the same pattern as the originals.

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